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Our Services

Diagnostic Assessment

Comprehensive clinical assessments are used for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment planning and school funding applications. They involve a thorough process of gathering a case history from the client and or the family, formal and informal assessment tools and the interpretation of results.

Clinical assessments may include:
Expressive & receptive language skills
Phonological awareness
Reading fluency & comprehension
Oromotor functioning
Articulation & phonological profiling
Dysphagia (swallowing assessment)
Fluency (Stuttering)

A diagnostic report including a treatment plan and recommendations will be provided for your records. Additional copies for school records can be provided upon request.



Following assessment, an individualised treatment plan is developed to specifically target the client’s individual needs. Family involvement at all stages of treatment is encouraged, with therapists striving to provide family-centred practice at all times. Our goal is to achieve best personal outcomes in the least amount of time.

Therapy sessions are generally conducted at our clinic, however school, childcare, hospital and aged-care facility visits can be arranged.

Individual Therapy Session

We offer individual therapy sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

To achieve optimal therapy outcomes efficiently, we work closely with our client’s families, carers, school staff and other health care professionals involved in their care.

Family involvement in therapy sessions is encouraged by our clinicians, with our aim to educate and empower families to support the client’s speech and language development during their everyday activities. Where the family cannot be present for therapy session (e.g. mobile visits), the clinician will maintain communication regularly with notes to the family, email and phone calls. Regular home practice of activities provided by your clinician is an important part of the intervention process, facilitating better outcomes in a shorter time frame.

Group Therapy Session

We regularly offer a range of Speech, Language, School Readiness and Social Skills group programs, particularly during school holiday periods. Please register your interest to be notified when our next group program will be offered.

Schools & Early Childhood Centres

Please contact our clinic to enquire about our services available, and how we can cater to your individual school or centre’s needs.

We can provide:

  • In-services/Professional Development workshops for teachers and Early Childhood Professionals

  • Parent workshops – school readiness, typical speech & language development, fostering positive adult-child interactions to promote language and literacy development, the role of speech pathologists…

  • Individual screening and/or comprehensive assessments for speech, language and literacy Whole school speech pathology services (tailored to the needs of your school/center)

  • Consultative approach – working closely with teaching staff to provide strategies and support for students with learning and language difficulties.

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